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p3Realistic projection makes you feel like you are on the course while we gather unique information about your swing. Remember custom fitting is only one-half of the procedure. At King of Clubs we not only custom fit you with the most advanced systems available we also build a club specifically for you using raw components from our heavily stocked inventory.

Don't settle being custom fitted and then receiving a mass produced "off the rack club".
V.I.S. is the Virtual Instruction System used by King of Clubs to analyze your unique swing characteristics. For only $44.95 an appointment can be made for a 45 minute private lesson .
V. Club is a state of the art computer system designed specifically for and by King of Clubs. It is one thing to extract your unique swing information but you must also be able to determine what must then be built.

V. Club is the only program of its kind in Canada, tabulating over 10 million different measurements to ensure the best fit, with over 120 different shafts in its database, you can be sure to get the ultimate fit and not guess work.

Numerous swing analysis computer programs are used in the assessment of your swing. Each swing is as unique as a finger print. With our infrared light sensor software we can accumulate the millions of measurements needed to determine your swing characteristics. When the data is entered into our V. Clubsoftware a complex set of blue prints on how your clubs should be built is prepared for our technicians.
spinefinderFinding the seam or spine of the shaft is extremely important for consistent shots. King of Clubs brings the technology previously only available to professionals, now to every golfer. Have your existing set of clubs spined or purchase your new clubs from us and it is included.

fitchipThis revolutionary micro chip is used to obtain specific shaft load data. Every golfer has a different swing speed as well as a different load characteristic. This unit attaches itself to the shaft and after several swings the data on where you generate your power from is downloaded into our software program which assists in the plotting of your perfect club.

frequencyanalyzer Our frequency matcher is used to standardize the different shafts we use. Every shaft company has a slightly different method of classifying their shaft flexes. A frequency matcher can take a number of shafts of different or the same flexes and give an exact number to compare with by counting the vibrations. A shaft with a higher number of vibrations would be stiffer and the opposite with lower numbers. This fitting software, used exclusively by, King of Clubs outputs frequency numbers instead of flex letters to eliminate any guess work.
loftlieThe "master" loft and lie machine provides exact measurements of your loft and lie. This machine is used by Titleist, Adams, Callaway, Cleveland, MacGregor, Mizuno, Ram, Taylor Made, Tommy Armour, Wilson and more, to determine lofts on their off the rack clubs. We at the King of Clubs use it to determine loft and lie but also to re-adjust these measurements to fit the individual.