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Under most circumstances the following list of repairs can be completed in twelve hours. All King of Clubs repairs come with our limited life time warranty.
Repair Price Details
Adjust lie $10.00/club Includes testing and adjustments
Adjust loft $10.00/club Includes testing and adjustments
Cut club $8.00 adult Grip aditional charge, price includes saving current grip if possible.
Drill head $15.00/club
Extend club $10.00/club Up to 3"
Extract head $15.00/club Steel or Graphite
Re-grip $4.00/club Using grips provided
Re-glue $15.00/club
Re-whip $15.00/club (Wooden Woods)
Swing Weight $15.00/club Up to 10 swing weights
Labour $50.00/hour Labour doesn't need to be added to above prices.
Swing Analysis $75.00 Rebate available at time of purchase